• Cougar Dating

    What is Cougar Dating

    What exactly is cougar dating? Well, we all know what dating is, but for those of you who do not know what a “cougar” is, here is a short description. A cougar is a “slang” term used when describing a woman that seeks to date or have sexual relations with younger men.

    Usually men that are considerably younger. Not just a year or two, but rather ten or more. While the term cougar is being thrown around to women that aren’t really that old, (28 or so), but technically to be considered a cougar, a woman should be 40 or older.

    Basically, cougar dating or dating a cougar is a sexual or romantic relationship between an older woman and a younger man.

    Not so long ago, these kinds of relationships were considered a very taboo subject. Society wouldn’t accept it and to some varying degrees, still doesn’t. If older women, especially widows or mothers started actively seeking a younger man, it was to be kept between them. This was not something that you spoke of. But, where it’s now becoming a more acceptable situation there are different ways that people can perceive this kind of relationship. Nowadays there are lots of cougar dating websites that cater to members all over the world!

    For the younger men, dating an older woman is exciting and new. Even though older women aren’t “fresh” as some would say, they are experienced and know what they want. There is no guessing when it comes to dating an older woman. Most are more financially stable, set in their careers, most aren’t seeking children, (which can be a huge benefit for a young man looking to just have a good time), and above all, older women are looking for the youth within themselves which makes for an exciting ride!

    Add experience and knowledge with the want to discover more and you have one heck of a woman! If some men are fortunate enough to date an older woman it comes with more than that. Some younger men are as fortunate to find a sugar mama who is willing to help financially along the way. One of the best ways to meet a cougar is of course on the internet and one of the top sites that I have seen is www.cougardating.tv – it’s been around for years and has thousands of members. You might want to check it out.

    From the woman’s point of view there are most of the same perks as there are for the men. There’s the exciting novelty of it and all that comes with dating a younger man.

    Through a woman’s eyes, this is a way of releasing the inner goddess so to speak. Having a sexual or romantic relationship with a younger man brings out the youth and vibrancy that she might not get otherwise.

    Younger men do not have the mileage behind them to make them tired or want to settle down. It’s an adventure, it’s taboo, it goes against society and everything that your mother taught you. It’s exhilarating and enthralling. Women do not want to settle down as quickly or as hard as men tend to when they hit a certain age. Women crave romance. Especially women who may not have had any in quite some time.

    If the two parties that agree to enter into such a relationship can handle it, then it is really a win-win situation all of the way around. What is cougar dating? Well simply put, it is fun, excitement, passion, and experience that both are sure to never regret.