Cougar Dating Tips

How To Date A Cougar

More cougars are openly seeking relationships with younger men. These are women who know what they want and are extremely picky when it comes to their choice of young partners. For younger men who would love to date cougars a few pointers would really help because these women are known for their little patience and at the slightest negative sign, they aren’t afraid to give a cold shoulder and set their sights elsewhere.

Outlined below are a few tips on how to date a cougar. 

Be Confident

It is true that some of these women are intimidating but that is no excuse for you to be shy or feel cowed. This is the time to summon up all the courage within you and boldly ask her out. Your assertiveness will definitely get her excited and she will definitely agree. By asking her out, you are portraying the image of a man who knows what he wants and is boldly going for it. She will no doubt like that.

Never Refer To Her As A Cougar

Refrain from making comments referring to her as a cougar. Many of these women will feel offended when you call them cougars and that will be reason enough for them to walk away. Treat her like any special woman you would meet and call her by name. She will greatly appreciate your courtesy and your relationship will last for a long time.

Don’t Focus On The Age Gap

Never state the obvious age difference. She is more aware than you are of how older than you she is and would not like to be reminded of the fact. Treat her like you would a younger woman and be at ease in her company. Completely ignore the age difference and show her that she is your woman and you like it.

Get To Know Her First

Don’t rush into sex, although it will be an important part of your relationship. Get to know her before getting into her bed, know her likes and dislikes, her fears if she lets you and finally know the person who she really is. After you have known her enough, then it would be right get to the next level and know her inside her bedroom.

Be Mature 

These women have seen it all and have no time for any childishness. Unlike their younger counterparts they will not take any nonsense from you and expect you to behave appropriately at all times. Keep your word always and show by action that what you speak is sincere. Failure to do this and you will be out of her life faster than a bullet.

Be Ready To Learn

This is a woman with lots of experience in various aspects of life. She might want to teach you some things in and out of the bedroom. She will definitely be pleased if you could learn something. She might set some rules on how she would like things to be in your relationship, remember she is most likely the one calling the shots here and it would only be proper to oblige her if you want to continue seeing her.

Respect Her Privacy

A cougar is most likely a mother of grown children who might even be your age, a powerful businesswoman and so on. If she doesn’t want you to be part of her other life, then respecting that would do a lot of good.

With the above tips, you will have a successful relationship with the special older woman you will find. In case I’ve missed any, you will find some more great cougar dating tips here.

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