How Do You Know If A Woman Is A Cougar

Now that the ratio of women to men is 7:1 that makes a whole lot of cougars in our society more vibrant sexually. Whether these women lost a loved one, had an awful marriage, or they just enjoy playing in the fields, one thing is for sure, they are out there on a mission to prowl for young guys. A cougar often has a very confident personality, so you can probably notice one straight away. Below are ways that will help you to tell if a woman is a cougar.

If you are in a pub look for a cluster of single women seated together. Cougars always travel in packs. Take a look for a pack hanging around. Most likely these older women will be rowdy, loud and seem to be having a good time too. The ladies will often be laughing loud to attract your attention and will always seem like the soul and life of the party.

All they want is to be noticed. Once you notice them, that’s only a trap they had laid out on you but they started pulling you into the den a long time ago. When you make a sudden eye contact and before you know it, a cougar will be already holding your gaze ready to attack. Watch out for a deadly pounce.
Evaluate her make-up and fashion. Her fashion would range from well known fashion designer clothing that’s clearly too short or tightly fitting for her age. When it comes to make-up, a cougar opts for intense, so as to cover up the age marks and wrinkles.
They sometimes dress very provocatively, more than you can expect from a woman of her age; she just wants to show you that she is out on the prowl. Despite the fact that her style may include short skirts she doesn’t portray a prostitute picture; many sexy women prefer to dress modestly in order to get a fast car without any suspicion.

Whatever she will be wearing you will definitely find her inner sparkle shine out. A cougar likes taking care of herself physically, so never be surprised to see one in her forties with a better figure than her 20 year old daughter. Her movements say it all. She will be far less likely be on the dance floor and most likely be seated holding her drink or perhaps scrolling her mobile phone. A cougar is very much aware of her body; she always matches her personalities with her attractive figure and face. Therefore, many of them will have smooth faces where they had botox, or slightly fuller breasts or lips as a result of surgery they had to help uphold a youthful figure. Every cougar has the experience of making themselves look much better and will often outshine any younger girl in this area.

Make a physical contact. If an older lady in a pub offers a drink to which you accept out of politeness, but suddenly even before you know it, she has her hand massaging your shoulder telling you how cute and “boyish” you are. You are not only in contact with a cougar but she has already pounced on you. Guys, if you are not into pub meets and prefer the wonderful interweb to meet hot cougars, you might want to check this web site out. One of my friends in France is on it and she get lots of hot dates from young guys! lol European women are sooooooo stylish. Its called wwwCougarDating.eu Take a look. It’s got thousands of women members across Europe and they are gorgeous!