Cougar Dating,  Cougar Dating Tips

Cougar Dating Tips

A cougar is an older woman, probably above the age of 35, seeking to date much younger men. Cougar dating has become increasingly popular credibly because women in their 40’s and 50’s have a better and sexier appearance than ever. These are confident women who are ready to bring out the best in a man and more often than not, it is a totally different dating incident compared to dating someone of your age. The women act maturely, and have a lot of expectations from the men that they date. Grab the following cougar dating tips before you indulge into such an affair:


These are bold women who aren’t ashamed of dating younger men, meaning that they expect the same in return. Eye contact will speak a lot about your personality the first time your lines cross. Be assertive and approach her directly, so that you distant yourself from the rest of the boys that she has dealt with over time. Make her understand what you want from the onset, and give her the assurance that you can achieve whatever thing that you put your hands to. However, never confuse this virtue with being cocky. Cockiness normally upsets them; thus the secret is simply acting bold.

Treat Her with Respect

Women adore people who praise them often. Complements and flattering the cougar gives her a sense of confidence, which she cannot find in men of her age. Say it out even though you don’t necessarily mean it and they will feel elevated. Whenever you are with her, give the attention that she deserves. Never give your time to any other woman when you are together because they want absolute care.

Don’t Be Too Needy

If you present yourself as a guy on the receiving end always, cougars will take to their heels before you know it. Inasmuch as they need attention, cougars do not like it when they feel compelled to attend to you from time to time. Allow her to make decisions but chip in by acting enthusiastic to their decisions. Similarly, break your wallet once in a while. She may not allow you to pay the bills but offer to do so occasionally, to clear the image of a liability.

Be Good in Bed

Among the biggest reasons why cougars go for younger guys is sex. They love experimenting and will therefore prefer men who are open in bed. Remember they have lived longer than you have, and are consequently experienced when it comes to bedroom matters. Be open and allow them to do whatever that their wish is. This also means that you have to expand your sexual scripts to accommodate all their sexual requirements.

Don’t Interfere With Their Lives

Cougars are established women who have so many issues to attend to. Freedom is what they need most, therefore forget the rule of controlling a woman’s life. Never bother them with their past experiences because that clearly lies in the past. Do not ask them about their past relationships because it has little to do with your dating. Until they are ready to speak up, only then will you offer a listening ear but ensure you distant yourself from their private matters by all means.

Be Smart

Being older does not mean that cougars will be comfortable with every sloppy appearance. They are pretty good when it comes to judging you from your appearance. Groom yourself well by maintain good hygiene standards, exercising regularly and dressing in a decent manner.

In general, before going to bed, cougars will judge you from what they see and hear. Give yourself a class by looking and talking smart, and all your dating experiences will run smooth.

By the way – ever heard of dating grannies or granny dating? It’s the latest rage in the UK and Oz. It’s quite simply and older version of cougar dating. Apparently UK guys and Oz guys get the hots for much older women….well hey why not? Older women have seriously more experience than young women and are easier to please and maybe less demanding. Check out – you’ve got to hand it to older ladies. They are keeping seriously fit these days. No wonder those young cubs are going crazy about them!

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