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    Cougar Dating Myths Debunked

    With cougars growing in popularity and many young men opting for cougar dating, this hasn’t stopped the cougar myths from doing the rounds. One major truth about cougars is that they are independent and confident women , however the misconceptions are many. Some of the cougar dating myths debunked are as follows:-

    A Cougar Preys on Innocent Younger Men

    This is of course not true because there are many younger men naturally attracted to older women. Cougars are very desirable women with a lot of sexual appeal and other interesting traits. This is why younger men will definitely find them very appealing. Often times it is these very young men who go after these older women because they consider them worthy conquests. This is very unlike the widespread belief that the woman is the predator.

    The Younger Man Will Cheat on Her with a Younger Woman 

    Unless the younger man is naturally a cheater, the misconception that he will find someone his age and date them behind the cougar’s back is wrong. The relationship between a cougar and her younger man can be fulfilling and genuine for both of them with no lies and secrets. In fact with her confident and young-spirited nature, the cougar is totally compatible with the young man since they are both getting what they seek in that kind of relationship.

    The Older Woman Will Lose Interest

    They might not have a lot of things in common but to base a relationship’s survival on that is totally wrong. The older woman and the younger man definitely have the same interests in the relationship and when they both play their part, the relationship can last for a very long time. She might be an older woman, independent and probably headstrong; she will not just lose interest and walk away without reason. She is not a brat but an older and mature woman who knows what she wants out of a relationship and will therefore work towards making it a success.

    A Younger Man Will Want Children Someday And Dump Her For A Younger Child-Bearing One

    The child issue is one that any couple would face. Having children isn’t the most important thing for all young men. If a young man loves this older woman who is special to him, then he might to choose to simply be with her for the rest of his life. She is capable of fulfilling him in many other ways and besides, many younger men go for these older women to avoid the pressure of marriage and children that most younger women subject them to.

    They Won’t Fit into Each Other’s Social Lives

    Yes there might be some negative reactions and strong opposition from the people in both their lives, but this will mostly happen when the relationship is new. People will in the end simply get used to seeing them together just like any other relationship. The couple that is dating openly will often times be ready to deal with all sorts of reactions from people close to them such as friends and family. Acceptance comes in the end.

    Younger Men Who Date Cougars Are Weird

    This is not true; the younger men who date older women are no different from their other counterparts who date women their own age. They just love the adventure and the difference that comes with dating an older woman. In fact they might be special in a good way because they have the courage to go after this secure, independent and probably intimidating woman. This is courage that many definitely lack.

    There are more cougar dating myths but the above ones are the most common. What is not a myth is the spread of the cougar dating phenomenon across the world. I was shocked the other day looking through Google, to see how far cougar dating has advanced! Even our Aussie Sheilas have got cougar dating web sites!

    UK guys are rocking with cougars AND grannies! Can you believe this? Granny dating, GILF dating and MILF dating are very hot in the UK right now and have been for many years. Even wiki has no entry for granny dating! It seems that young UK guys go for seriously older women and why not I say, as older women have much more experience than younger women, are easier to please and won’t whine about not going out to dinner or a disco. Older women want to get it on. Why is this? Women are taking care of themselves much more as they get older. They eat right and keep fit and as a result they look good! One of the hottest granny dating sites in the UK is www.hotgrannydating.co.uk – hey the site might not be the most up to date, but it has thousands of members and a very loyal membership. If you are one of my UK boys or girls, check that site out. It rocks!

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    Amazing Facts Why Older Women Fancy Younger Men

    Nowadays, many aging women are falling in love with men who are much younger than them. This aspect cuts across single mothers, divorcees and even married women. Considering the fact that many marriages are not working out as expected, many women have had a tendency of cheating on their own men with much younger men. In most recent research done by statistical companies, many mature women claim that they are better off with youthful men. Thus, the million dollar question is, Why do older women fancy younger men? The following is an intensive breakdown of the reasons:

    1. Sexual Satisfaction

    Many older ladies claim that their age group male counterparts do not satisfy them sexually. They attribute this to age, general fatigue and lack of interest from their men. This prompts them to look for young men who are emotionally active, sexually active with strong hormones to satisfy their sexual desires.

    2. Manipulative

    Many adult women tend to have a belief that men who are at their or just past the adolescent stage don’t yet have a lot of responsibilities to handle and hence they can be controlled. Male youngsters mostly tend to spend most of their time having fun with their peers and if mature women have financial power, then, they feel they can control them easily to fit in their schedules.

    3. Fun Loving

    Younger men always like trying and exploiting new things. Many grown up women tend to feel young every time and this makes them associate much with teenage men. Clubbing, dancing and technology are always what teenagers are after and this provides an opportunity for aging ladies who wish to have fun take advantage. Furthermore, many grown up ladies might have missed fun during their teenage days and so young men make them feel as if they are living in their teenage era.

    4. Attention

    Many women naturally fancy and fall in love with someone who pays attention to them every time. Since young men are not that much engaged in activities like running businesses unlike older men, mature women tend to think that youthful men will always be there at all times to attend to them. Moreover, younger men treat them with respect as their older sister meaning that very little defiance is in the relationship.

    5. Active and Flexible

    Fully grown mature females have a notion that youthful men are energetic and their hormones are still active. They therefore need someone who will make jokes to them, make them feel younger and make them participate actively too no matter their age. Teenage men don’t tire easily and are flexible to make them enjoy and feel young in almost every aspect of their life.

    6. Energetic

    From the rule of nature, many women fancy men who are physically fit: the six packs, the chest and the muscles. Many older ladies tend to fancy such characteristics which are only found in men in their youthful age. Since many men are energetic, they usually become a prey for mature women.

    Furthermore, many teenage men always have a desire to try out new things in life. Thus, elderly women always feel replenished and fresh when they associate with them. It is not a new thing as many women wish to have someone who cares for them, pays attention to them, someone who is always there for them and these are the reasons as for why older women fancy younger men.

    In the UK, this fascination with older women by younger men has turned into a huge new craze called granny dating. It sounds a bit bizarre doesn’t it? But it’s not. If you can understand the cougar dating phenomenon, it’s easy to understand why hot granny dating has become so popular! Older women have more experience and give a younger man what he is looking for!