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Amazing Facts Why Older Women Fancy Younger Men

Nowadays, many aging women are falling in love with men who are much younger than them. This aspect cuts across single mothers, divorcees and even married women. Considering the fact that many marriages are not working out as expected, many women have had a tendency of cheating on their own men with much younger men. In most recent research done by statistical companies, many mature women claim that they are better off with youthful men. Thus, the million dollar question is, Why do older women fancy younger men? The following is an intensive breakdown of the reasons:

1. Sexual Satisfaction

Many older ladies claim that their age group male counterparts do not satisfy them sexually. They attribute this to age, general fatigue and lack of interest from their men. This prompts them to look for young men who are emotionally active, sexually active with strong hormones to satisfy their sexual desires.

2. Manipulative

Many adult women tend to have a belief that men who are at their or just past the adolescent stage don’t yet have a lot of responsibilities to handle and hence they can be controlled. Male youngsters mostly tend to spend most of their time having fun with their peers and if mature women have financial power, then, they feel they can control them easily to fit in their schedules.

3. Fun Loving

Younger men always like trying and exploiting new things. Many grown up women tend to feel young every time and this makes them associate much with teenage men. Clubbing, dancing and technology are always what teenagers are after and this provides an opportunity for aging ladies who wish to have fun take advantage. Furthermore, many grown up ladies might have missed fun during their teenage days and so young men make them feel as if they are living in their teenage era.

4. Attention

Many women naturally fancy and fall in love with someone who pays attention to them every time. Since young men are not that much engaged in activities like running businesses unlike older men, mature women tend to think that youthful men will always be there at all times to attend to them. Moreover, younger men treat them with respect as their older sister meaning that very little defiance is in the relationship.

5. Active and Flexible

Fully grown mature females have a notion that youthful men are energetic and their hormones are still active. They therefore need someone who will make jokes to them, make them feel younger and make them participate actively too no matter their age. Teenage men don’t tire easily and are flexible to make them enjoy and feel young in almost every aspect of their life.

6. Energetic

From the rule of nature, many women fancy men who are physically fit: the six packs, the chest and the muscles. Many older ladies tend to fancy such characteristics which are only found in men in their youthful age. Since many men are energetic, they usually become a prey for mature women.

Furthermore, many teenage men always have a desire to try out new things in life. Thus, elderly women always feel replenished and fresh when they associate with them. It is not a new thing as many women wish to have someone who cares for them, pays attention to them, someone who is always there for them and these are the reasons as for why older women fancy younger men.

In the UK, this fascination with older women by younger men has turned into a huge new craze called granny dating. It sounds a bit bizarre doesn’t it? But it’s not. If you can understand the cougar dating phenomenon, it’s easy to understand why hot granny dating has become so popular! Older women have more experience and give a younger man what he is looking for!